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PRICE HOWLETT, INC. is a community and government relations consulting firm headquartered in Denver. Colorado. PRICE HOWLETT, INC. provides assistance to local governments, independent public agencies and private sector clients. Principals in the firm have more than 61 years experience in community, legislative, administrative and regulatory issues as consultants, business advocates and as state and local government appointees.

PRICE HOWLETT, INC. is a Colorado corporation owned and operated by Marge Price and David Howlett. A sample of accomplishments on projects they and their clients have undertaken include:

  • Prepared submissions to Congress of funding requests for air and surface transportation, environmental, housing, and economic development projects. Assisted in lobbying these projects with Congress and the Administration. Nearly all of them have been funded.

  • Worked on designation of a major western American city as a federal Enterprise Community, with tax credits, relief from federal match requirements and a direct grant of social service funding in the targeted area.

  • Prepared newsletters, reports and updates in federal legislation, changes in policy, and regulatory impacts for private sector as well as public sector interests.

  • Provided federal and state agency lobbying and monitored programs for major cities challenged by tax limitations and by city agencies operating as stand-alone enterprises.

  • Coordinated process that created a comprehensive action plan for Denver, Colorado's downtown. The Downtown Denver Agenda has been one of the keys to downtown's renaissance; involved a broad, cross-section of elected officials, business people and citizens working through seven task teams, including (1) Business Development, (2) Cultural Arts, Entertainment and Tourism, (3) Housing, (4) Image, (5) Planning, Preservation, Design and Zoning, (6) Retail, and (7) Transportation and Planning.

  • Facilitated the resolution of federal McKinney Act requirements through the creation of the Metropolitan Homeless Initiative thus allowing some homeless transitional housing to remain on the redeveloped Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado, with the remaining transitional housing being developed throughout the metro area.

  • Facilitated community-based coalition to obtain federal funding for major river projects (including congressional authorization) on the South Platte River in Denver, Colorado.

  • Organized the activities of a client who served as president of a major national association.

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